The Reddit user in charge of got some hands-on time with Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer version Grand Theft Auto Online recently and gave some new information about character creation, robbing stores and a "passive" mode of play.

Character creation is managed by choosing four grandparents that will then generate your character's look. Don't worry, characters can still be customized afterwards but Rockstar is taking an interesting approach to building new inhabitants of Los Santos. Once completed your character get's an introductory cut scene injecting them into the world of GTA Online.

You'll be able to team-up or select deathmatch modes as well as bet on races to earn some cash. Players can text each other in-game to create teams or to unlock jobs. Weapons are limited in the beginning and can only be unlocked by completing missions.

Only certain stores on the map can be robbed and once held-up will have a cool-down period in which no other players will be able to roll the same store. Robbing store earns you an automatic 2-star police rating so stringing too many of them together may be hazardous to your health.

Two other major points are that a reputation system will be put in place to keep players from quitting games early but Rockstar hasn't released many details about that. Scared that you'll get killed off too quickly? Then cough up an extra $100 in-game and gain access to a "passive mode" that allows players to explore the map but not to kill or be killed by any other players.

Grand Theft Auto Online drops tomorrow for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and comes included with your copy of GTA V. Rockstar says it will bring over 500 unique missions to GTA Online and unconfirmed reports that older GTA titles may be recreated in the game world eventually.

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