Before embarking on your four year educational journey, you should consider the quality of your school’s cafeteria. Particularly if you're about to attend college in the middle of nowhere. In that case, you'll have to suffer through some of the worst school cafeteria food in the country with no Pizza Hut or Papa John’s to take respite in. If your school has consecutively failed health inspections for the last two years and the lunch lady with the big hairy mole keeps winking at you while serving you yesterday’s recycled spaghetti, you may have no choice but to invest in a lifetime supply of Easy Mac and Ramen.

Sure, it’s a college cafeteria and not a five star restaurant. But if your cafeteria has a nickname like Mizzou’s “Dirty Dobbs,” we advise getting a limited meal plan so you can eat off campus and saving your meal swipes for severe hunger pangs only. 

Until these cafeterias get their act together, get used to the cereal bar. Or, you know, learn to cook. Sometimes, even the salad isn’t safe. And yes, according to some students, you can even mess up salad. Badly. Meet the incredibly inedible: The Grossest College Cafeterias.

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