First appearance: Batman #232 (1971)
Created by: Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams
Most villainous act: Taking down the Justice League using Batman’s contingency plans.

Sometimes the most interesting villains don’t believe that they're evil at all. In the case of one of Batman’s most dangerous foes, Ra’s al Ghul, he views himself as peacemaker; a man who can restore balance to the world by destroying the corruption that has infested it. It’s this grey morality that has made Ra’s one of the Dark Knight’s most believable villains ever.

Whether he’s matching Batman intellectually, psychologically, or physically, Ra’s is the Caped Crusader’s equal in every way. Yet one area where he has Batman beat is through his daughter, Talia. The conflicted romance between Bruce Wayne and Talia has given Ra’s the upper hand on countless occasions, and it adds yet another dimension to their conflict.

In recent years, Ra’s has moved beyond being just a Batman villain and has become a threat of every character in the DC Universe. He’s a layered character who dreams of peace through terrorism. Unfortunately this is an evil we can relate to all too well.