First appearance: Batman #1 (1940)
Created by: Bill Finger and Bob Kane
Most villainous act: Jewel heists—lots of 'em.

Her allegiances and morals may have shifted over the years, but we’ll always look at Catwoman as one of Batman’s greatest villains. This feline femme fatale doesn’t have any super powers or fancy gadgets—in fact, that’s part of her charm. Selina Kyle relies on her wits, athleticism, and sex appeal to get what she wants, and she’s rarely denied.

Catwoman’s motivations rarely extend past her own selfish desires. She has a taste for expensive jewelry, priceless art, and basically anything that doesn’t belong to her. However, the one thing she has never been able to get is Batman himself. Turns out the Caped Crusader is more interested in pounding on drug peddlers and pimps than spending the night with a woman in skin-tight spandex and a whip. Weird, right?

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