First appearance: Superboy #68 (1958)
Created by: Otto Binder and George Papp
Most villainous act: Masquerading as Superman and kidnapping Lois Lane.

This twisted mirror image of Superman may be playful on the surface, but make no mistake about it, Bizarro is just as strong as the Man of Steel. And he has no moral code. Depending on what version of the character you're referring to, Bizarro is either a failed clone of Superman or a member of the backward-talking Bizarro World. Either way, he's one of the most feared members of the DC rogues gallery.

With his ghostly pale complexion and his signature inverted “S” shield, Bizarro doesn’t think of himself as a villain; in fact, he doesn’t think much at all. But this confused creature often causes chaos and destruction completely by accident on a regular basis.

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