Everyone knows Grand Theft Auto V dropped yesterday to critical acclaim.

As we here at Complex noted the other day, Rockstar has warned against Xbox 360 owners installing the second “play” disk  to their hard disk drive as it causes texture and rendering issues due to the hardware not being able to read and write from one single memory source. For the unfortunate few who never had the resources or forethought to purchase a large HDD, or those still rocking with the Arcade edition which only came with a fucking useless 4GB of internal memory, or people who are batshit crazy about the “noise” caused by the disk spinning, a work around has been found.                                     

Xbox 360 owners with these issues have the option of installing the game to a common flash drive. If you just want to be able to play the game and don’t have enough space, you can simply allocate the GTAV “install” disk to a flashdrive and play using the disk and the hardware’s optical drive. The Xbox 360 hardware is more than competent at pulling textures and rendering simultaneously from two memory sources, i.e., the game disk and the flash drive, or from the Hard Disk Drive and the flash drive. It only has performance issues pulling the necessary data from two places within one memory source.

It’s important to mention that if you plan on using a flash drive, make sure that it’s large, at least 8GB but preferably 32GB. Also, and this is equally as important, check the read/write speed of the device you plan on using. You want to compare against the Xbox 360’s optical read speed for the actual disk which is a cool 15.85 MB/sec. Beat that read speed, choose USB 2.0, and have a minimum of 7.7GB of actually usable space and you are good go barring the half hour or so all this should take you. Ugh.

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