YouTube is a great way to look at new and different things around the world, and get insight into lives you may have not otherwise known about. Unfortunately, if you scroll down just a little past the video and enter the comments section, well, you'll get insight into how ruthless and unforgiving people can be. 

God forbid if you're a minority, talk with a different accent, or are a woman who is slightly attractive, you'll be called out and ridiculed with misspelled and hateful words that attempt to be funny at your expense, no matter how nice or good-natured your video might be. Google has had enough of it, and they're upgrading their comments section starting this week. Now, YouTube will require commenters to have a Google+ account, in an effort to cut back on anonymity (man up to your comments, people.) Also, instead of listing comments how they have usually done—with the newest comments landing on top in reverse chronological order—YouTube will now show the most relevant comments first. That will be determined by the community engagement of the commenter, 'likes' on a comment, and the reputation of the commenter. If you're flagged for spam or abuse, you'll be lost in the sea of other YouTube comments. "Currently, you see comments from the last random person to stop by," said Nundu Janakiram, product manager at YouTube. "The new system tries to surface the most meaningful conversation to you. We're trying to shift from comments to meaningful conversations."

Also, comments posted on Google+ links to the video will also appear in the comments section of the YouTube video, linking the two networks more than ever before. Moderators will also be able to blacklist comments that have certain words from appearing in their feed.

Hey, if it weeds out all of those trolls, we're all for it.

[via The Verge]