Photoshop? If you can't afford the infamously expensive photo editor, Google has come to your rescue. If you have Google+ and use Chrome, that is.

The company has released a new photo editor for Google+ that implements sliders that control highlight levels, midtones, brightness, contrast, and saturation. Users will also be able to make adjustments using a control point interface, which means you'll be able to, say, edit the tone of the sky to your liking, without affecting the other objects in the picture. Of course, filters are a big thing, and the editor comes with filters called Vintage, Grunge and Drama. The editor is exclusive to Chrome, and was developed by Google's Snapseed team. So, if you want to give your pictures the magic touch, just head over to your profile in Chrome and open a photo. Click "Edit" in the lightbox, and the options will pop up. If you're not using Chrome, you can still rotate and crop your photos in you Google+ profile. Better yet, the new options are also available in the Android and iOS Google+ apps.

[via The Verge]