Now standing in line for a gold iPhone 5S doesn't seem as dumb as it once was: a gold iPhone 5S was listed on eBay and hit 51 bids, ending at $10,100.

Holy. Sh-t. That's about a $9,500 profit if the eBay lister bought the phone for the full retail price of $649. The lister, the Connecticut-based "Papakar," first listed the device on Sunday afternoon, with the auction coming to an end on Monday afternoon. The iPhone 5S that sold was only a 16GB edition, and claimed to be unlocked. Other gold iPhones on eBay are, on average, going for about $4,000. 

It's funny, because an actual 24k gold iPhone 5 only goes for $4,646 in the United Kingdom. But the phone is in high demand, and when something is hot like the gold iPhone 5S is right now, then "affordable" isn't going to be a word you'll be able to associate with the device for a long time to come. Unfortunately, Apple seems to have made only limited quantities of the gold iPhone, and it happened to be the first version of the iPhone 5S to be sold out online when sales opened up.

"This is our best iPhone launch yet―more than nine million new iPhones sold―a new record for first weekend sales," said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. 

If you do happen to get your hands on one, be careful flashing that thing off in the streets.

[via CNET]