New pictures have emerged from Chinese site DoNews that show, what could be, a gold version of the upcoming iPad Mini 2. And how sweet it is.

Maybe because it's bigger than the 5S (big is beautiful, as the saying goes), or the lighting might be just right in the photos, but if the gold iPad Mini 2 is real, it looks damn good. Yet, there's no way to tell if this thing is real until it is officially announced, and as we learned from the past year leading up to the iPhone 5S and 5C release, fake photos are a rampant thing. It wouldn't be too far of a stretch, though, to anticipate Apple releasing the next editions of the iPad lineup in the same color scheme as the 5S. It's not only that: the photos show the iPad Mini coming with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

It's also rumored that the iPad Mini will come with the same A7 and M7 chips that are found in the 5S, and 1GB of RAM. No telling what Apple is going to do with all of the money they're about to make. 

[via TechCrunch]