Samsung is readying its new iWatch competitor smart watch for an unveiling in just two days, but a few leaked pictures may give us a sneak peek at what the device is all about. 

Venture Beat recently got its hands on the what they say is a prototype of the smart watch, just before its Sept. 4th announcement in Berlin, and they're able to report that the device will come with Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi capabilities; along with a 4 MP camera and speakers. As you can see in the pictures above, the screen is pretty big—it's a 3-inch OLED dsplay—and battery life is said to be about 10 hours (not too too bad, depending on usage, but when's the last time you heard of a watch that only lasted a little more than a work day?) Also, it seems the watch comes pre-loaded with a few Android apps, which have been modified for the screen. The big thing here, though, is that the device might appeal more to fitness-heads than anyone: the Gear is said to be able to track a wearer's heart rate, health data, and calorie intake—reportedly, one app even suggests workouts one could do to maintain their weight. 

Of course, if this is even true, this is just a prototype, so expect it to differ in appearance when the final version is revealed. Even so, does this sound like something you would buy?

[via Venture Beat]