As of this Sunday morning, there are only three more episodes of Breaking Bad left. After tonight, there will be just two. Last week's episode featured one of the most tense 10 minutes of TV in the history of the medium, with the prelude to the final shootout seeming to stretch on for infinity. Because that episode ended during the shootout, we'll be right back in the nastiness—probably—when tonight's episode, entitled "Ozymandias," opens.

Breaking Bad is known for out-of-control second-to-last episodes (see: "Phoenix" and "Half Measures"), so maybe tonight will be the calm before the storm. Could it be? Nah. Not with those neo-Nazis going H.A.M.

As a preventative measure against stress-induced heart attacks and other potentially fatal side effects of unresolved Breaking Bad tension, we humbly offer some of the funniest quote from the show so far. Stay laughing, stay alive.

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