On the night Marvel premiered Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC, Fox has stolen its thunder with the announcement of a new TV series based on the origins of DC’s Commissioner Gordon, titled Gotham, according to Deadline. The show will be headed by producer Bruno Heller (The Mentalist) and it will explore the early days of Gordon’s career as a young detective on the GCPD.

The events of the series will pre-date the first appearance of Batman and it will likely focus on how the city of Gotham turned into the warzone that we know today. While there won’t be any Batman sightings in the series, that’s not to say that the Wayne family and other Gotham residents, such as the Cobblepot and Elliot families, won’t have an impact on the show. All three families play a big part in the modern origins of Gotham City in the comic books. 

Gotham will be the first live-action Batman-related series since Birds of Prey flamed out in 2002. Gotham may seem like an odd concept to some, but we can definitely see this show surprising us much in the same way Hannibal did earlier this year. We’ll have more information on Gotham as it becomes available.

[via Deadline]