In the next few years, West 57th Street in Manhattan will be home to four of the tallest buildings in America. That's like your whole starting five being 6'8" and over—what's up with so many new, tall buildings being clustered together?

The four skyscrapers, each of which will be over 1,000 feet-tall, are a direct result of Midtown's real estate explosion. Investors are confident that people will continue to purchase condos in the area, thus One57, 432 Park, a 1,550-foot tower built by the architects of Dubai's Burj Khalifa and another 1,307-foot building are being built. 

At a "modest" 1,004 feet, One57 is the shortest of these buildings. This was the catalyst, as the speed at which the condos sold and the $90 price tag started a competition to make other taller, expensive-ass buildings along the same strip.

Soon enough, West 57th Street will be crowded—with wealth.

[via Gizmodo]