Yesterday, two men were arrested in connection with the shooting at Chicago's Cornell Square Park last Thursday. Thirteen people were injured, including 3-year-old Deonta Howard, who was shot in the face. USA Today reports that two more have been taken into custody and charged.

Brad Jett and Tabari Young, both 22-years-old, were charged with aggravated battery with a firearm and attempted murder. In addition, 21-year-old Bryon Champ and 20-year-old Kewane Gatewood will also face the same charges. 

According to authorities, the men fired over a dozen shots from what's believed to be an assault rifle. Because several gang members were injured in the shooting, the incident is believed to be gang-related. Still, a specific target has yet to be indentified. 

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy delivered a statement Monday night acknowledging the need to control the ongoing issue of violence in the city. "To truly address violence for the long-term we need state and federal laws that keep illegal guns out of our communities and provide real punishment for the criminals who use them," McCarthy said. 

The Chicago Police Department says through Sep. 15, 306 murders and 1,402 shootings occurred in the city. Those dumbers have decreased by 20 and 22 percent over the same time last year. 

[via USA Today]

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