People cope with the Sep. 11 attacks in different ways. Yesterday, while many were remembering those lost in the tragedy, Florida pastor Terry Jones planned to hold his own protest. Joined by Pastor Marvin Sapp, Jr., Jones was pulled over in Mulberry while driving a pickup truck that was carrying 2,998 Qurans soaked in kerosene

Jones explained that they were en route to a Mulberry park to engage in a mass burning of the Muslim holy scripture. This is the same man who said he planned to burn a Quran on the ninth anniversary of the Sep. 11 attacks back in 2010. Though he reconsidered, his congregation eventually burned it in March of 2011 and supported anti-Muslim film Innocence of Muslims last year. These incidents led to riots in Egypt, Libya and Afghanistan.

Both men were charged with unlawful conveyance of fuel; Jones was additionally charged with unlawful open-carry of a firearm and Sapp was charged for not having vehicle registration.

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