Grand Theft Auto V, would undoubtedly spark some stupid and head scratching crimes, but this one trumped them all. 

A 21 year old mentally challenged Florida man, Rohan Dawkins, had been saving up money for months in anticipation of purchasing GTA V. Dawkins was putting away money from his paychecks each month to buy the high end version of GTA V that was going for $150. 

On his way home from the store, Rohan was attacked and beaten up and his copy was stolen. Now, it seems justice is going to be served for such a senseless and mean-spirited act of violence.

Adele Francis Jones, 26, and Tommy Leon Davis, 27, were arrested today in Delray Beach in association with the robbery. Jones and Davis were caught after trying to resell the game at a a local Gamestop in their hometown mall. This infamous duo was arrested for alleged strong armed robbery, and dealing in stolen property. The couple has since been booked in Palm Beach, and is waiting arraignment. Authorities believe a third party may have been involved in the robbery as well and are following all possible leads.

 Were sure that this second class "Bonnie and Clyde" duo will get what they have coming to them in due time.

As for Dawkins, support has flooded in from all over and Delray Police announced via their Facebook that a new copy of GTA would be delivered to Dawkins by the end of the week.

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[via Uproxx]