Square, like most videogame companies of its age, has had its share of hard times. As you may know, the Final Fantasy series was conceived as the last gasp of a dying company that turned into a saving grace. This documentary about Squaresoft's history by YouTube user Joshua Drew explores the events leading up to the its desperate creation.

So while we're waiting for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn to load squeeze in this interesting documentary. A Realm Reborn was released on August 27 but has been plagued by server issues ever since. The main problem  stems from Square Enix vastly underestimating the quantity and speed of sales. There response, in part, has been to limit digital downloads while adding new servers.

FFXIV's Director and Producer, Naoki Yoshida said that: "The fact that we had to implement these restrictions is a direct result of my inaccurate sales and login estimates, and as producer, I must accept complete responsibility for this misstep. Each and every player who has been affected has my deepest apologies."

If you're not willing to wait for Sony and Square Enix to get their severs together, Sony is offering refunds.

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