24. Jurassic Park (1993)

Composer: John Williams
Standout track: “Journey to the Island”

John Williams is the master at creating scores for movies that help tell the story on the screen but also stick with us forever as great pieces of music. For his work on Jurassic Park, one of many collaboration with Steven Spielberg, Williams brought us his most delicate score yet. Sure, there are great Hollywood action beats and fanfares throughout, but the main theme of the movie is softer than his work on Raiders and Star Wars. The same brilliance remains, though.

What Williams did here is pretty unexpected. Just listening to the music on its own, you would never know this was set to a big budget dinosaur film with groundbreaking CGI and people getting eaten while on the toilet. It’s a score that is triumphant, hopeful, and utterly addictive all at once. You’ll have to get this one surgically removed from your head after a few listens.