Everyone take a collective sigh of relief: The 2013 Emmys weren't a complete disaster. Sure, there were major upsets—The Newsroom's Jeff Daniels beat out fan-favorite Bryan Cranston for Best Actor in a Drama—and cringe-worthy moments—Elton John was not a fan of the cue cards referring to homosexuality as a "lifestyle" during his Liberace speech. But overall, the telecast was light and often unintentionally hilarious. Thanks, especially, to Emmys correspondent Shemar Moore, for his spaced out backstage commentary.

The most memorable parts of the show weren't the announcements of the winners. They were in the in-between moments, staged or not, that made for excellent Internet fodder. Thanks to them, we can add these to our bag of tricks: 12 Reaction GIFs from the Emmys 2013 to Use for Life's Most Awkward Moments.

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