Former Paypal co-founder and current SpaceX CEO Elon Musk recently showed off his latest technology in 3D design, just about confirming all suspicions that we've got the real-life Tony Stark on our hands. This was backed up by Iron Man Director Jon Favreau, who made the claim on Twitter that what Elon Musk is designing at SpaceX  is “just like Iron Man.” Favreau later visited Musk at Space X, revealing that the Iron Man connection certainty doesn't end there.

Just like the brick cell phones of the 80's, what Musk is designing is just in the preliminary stages of innovation. What he hopes SpaceX will be able to accomplish is for engineers and designers to create entirely in 3D, eschewing the current 2D model of design entirely. After designing the model entirely using hand gestures and swipes, engineers and designers will be able to send the model to a metal excursion machine, which is essentially a huge 3D printer that prints in metal.

While the video doesn't actually show this entire process (presumbly because it isn't possible yet), Musk demonstrates that we do have the technology, and that it's just a matter of time before this new future of design will be possible. 

[via TechCrunch]