Last night, Drake's Nothing Was the Same leaked and the first of its many surprises? The Toronto MC calls out Degrassi: The Next Generation more times here than on any of his earlier albums. (The grand total here is: two.)

Looking over all of the pop culture references here, it's remarkable how little the former actor works film and TV into his lyrics. Kanye West, for instance, leans far more heavily on pop culture when writing his rhymes. Perhaps it's because Drake's music has little room for experiences—fictional or otherwise—outside of his own life. Thus, Degrassi comes up but not much more. That said, what does Drake's home entertainment system look like? Which Blu-rays are still wrapped in plastic, in shiny blue Best Buy bags? What does he turn to when he needs a comfort movie?

Let's make some guesses with Every Pop Culture Reference on Nothing Was the Same.

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