Don't lie. Looking at self-delusional dudes on the Internet make a fool out of themselves lusting over chicks they could have probably never bagged in real-life may be the funniest thing ever, but it's equally important to not forget about the women who themselves do this, too. Last month, we took a break from putting these dudes on blast to focus on the women who exude the same amount of thirst with "The Thirstiest Comments on Drake's Instagram," and it was both comedic and sad. Today, we've decided to take a look at another male celebrity who you probably wouldn't expect women to be parched over—Diplo, the DJ/producer/record label founder who started that whole #ExpessYourself twerking movement. We're not exactly sure how he's managed to step out of being the guy behind-the-scenes producing one of the biggest modern day pop hits (M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes") to the ultimate ladies man. Seriously, Dip, your ladies really need to be tamed. Here are: The Thirstiest Comments on Diplo's Instagram.

Written by Anthony Osei (@ILLIONAIRE)

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