According to some very smart people, the average Manhattan apartment rents for $3,973. According to some other very smart people, this is $2,800 dollars more than the average rent for apartments across America. According to us, this is one of the reasons NYC can sometimes be the worst. It might even have you considering moving to a different city if you live here. 

As you know by now, Detroit is bankrupt, kind of, and large sections of the city are looking like a ghost town. Businesses are closing down, people are moving away, and homes are flooding the housing market. In other words, the D may not top your list of possible hometowns. But here's something to think about—you might change your mind. We found 15 Detroit homes you could own for the price of two months rent in NYC, and one bonus place you won't even believe. Stock up on Pistons gear now, and check out this uneblievable list of dirt cheap domiciles.

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