Back in 1984, Michael Dell founded his computer company in his college dorm room in Texas, and dropped out soon after to focus his time on the company. Now, Dell Inc. is the third biggest computer maker in the world, and Dell can finally call himself the owner once again.

In a process that started a few months ago, Michael Dell has successfully fought to regain control of Dell Inc. from its shareholders, earning their approval and beating out competition from other investors, like billionaire Carl Icahn. After Icahn pulled out of the running, Dell was able to get the company's shareholders to agree to a $24.9 billion buyout of their shares, which will now lead to the company from being public to private. "I am pleased with this outcome and am energized to continue building Dell into the industry’s leading provider of scalable, end-to-end technology solutions," Michael Dell said after the vote. Dell plans to shift the company to more "enterprise services," like IBM, now that people are buying PCs less, instead opting to buy tablets. Now that Dell has control of his company once and will be making it private, he can make all of these changes behind closed doors, and to his heart's content.

[via Reuters]