For those among us who put everything they can find in their fridge into bowls, warm it up, and call it a "stir-fry," we wrote this list for you. And for the rest, those sad people who relegate doughnuts to breakfast time and think bacon can't be matched with something sweet (expand your mind, brah!), it's time to live a little.

After the summer of the cronut and its insanely long lines, we'll need a few more weird food combinations to get us through fall. With bathing suits behind you, and sweater weather coming into full-swing, you have no excuse not to try every item on this list twice because no one will see your emerging muffin-top. Check this list of the 20 craziest food hybrids and discover the delicious foods that have an all out war on your skinny jeans and tight T's. 

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