A brief lesson to anyone still living without the blessing of common sense: never say the word "gun" in a bank. For any reason. 

On Monday, a man was arrested at a TD Bank in Glastonbury, Conn. for trying to warn a teller about a potential robbery. When Robert Gursky, 50, spotted a man with a gun tucked underneath his shirt, he walked over to the teller and uttered the word "gun." Struggling to communicate, he made things worse by trying to write a note. He should really know better.

The teller hit the silent alarm, and police arrived to learn that the man with the gun was actually a member of law enforcement who was allowedby law, of courseto carry a firearm. Next, they turned their attention to Gursky, who explained that the whole incident was a simple misunderstanding. 

Gursky was released after being briefly detained.

[via Gawker]