Last night, Conan aired a very special Breaking Bad-themed episode of his show to commemorate the upcoming series finale that will air this coming Sunday. So, it's only fitting that for the cold open for the show be as explosive—if not moreso—than the series finale is going to be. So, host Conan O'Brien went out on a limb, and revealed that, like Walter White, he has a very dark secret. It all unraveled in the opening monologue:

The clip takes place in the desert, as most of Walt's "business" does. We see Conan take a shovel out of his car, because of course, and start to dig in search of a barrel he likely buried there himself. Is Conan O'Brien actually a drug kingpin, in search of the barrels of money he hid in the desert to keep them safe until he's able to launder it all through his car wash business? If you consider Andy Richter to be a barrel of money—in that case, yes. 

You can check out the cold open below and decide for yourself. Also, just because, here's a bonus Low Winter Sun joke from the episode, because it wouldn't be right if that show didn't get at least one mention:

[via Uproxx]