Apparently jewelry or tattoos to be regretted at a later date aren't intense enough for Christopher Lynn Jackson. Jackson, 49, was arrested this week for allegedly branding his initials on the vaginal area of an ex-girlfriend. Though the incident reportedly happened in May, it wasn't revealed until last week because the woman was understandably afraid to share her trauma. 

According to the woman, Jackson asked her to go out dancing with him after a baseball game. She said she was tired, so he gave her what she believed to be energy pills for an extra boost. The pills had an adverse effect on her, however—she ended up passing out. She would later wake up in serious pain to the startling image of Jackson holding a butane torch and a brand. She looked down and noticed a "C" and a "J" near her vagina. The woman later told police that Jackson had bragged to her that he branded all of his girlfriends. 

Once authorities secured a warrant, they discovered the torch and branding tools inside of Jackson's home. He was charged with aggravated assault with serious physical injury. 

[via Phoenix New Times]