I almost feel really bad typing this out right now, because this news is just going to break so many hearts. But I figure it's best to approach thislike ripping off a figurative band-aid, so here we go—I'll rip it off now. According to Deadline, Mad Men star Christina Hendricks will no longer be playing a stripper in her upcoming film Dark Places, and has instead switched to portraying the ill-fated mother to Charlize Theron's character who will only be seen in a series of flashbacks during the film.

Hendricks' original role in the film—which is a highly-anticipated adaptation of Gillian Flynn's thriller novel Dark Places—was that of Krissi Cates, a "down-on-her-luck" stripper who had a history of accusing Ben, portrayed by Corey Stoll, of misdeeds, and she also is "harbouring a secret" related to the novel's main mystery. Since Stoll's character is actually a dude who was accused by his little sister Libby (Theron) of killing their parents years ago, dude really seems like a likely target for accusations and all anyway.

Instead of Krissi, though, Hendricks will now be portraying Theron and Stoll's mother, Patti, who will only appear in flashbacks as Libby begins to remember more clearly what happened to her parents—and realize that her brother may actually have not been involved in their deaths. Hendricks was reportedly offered the role when Samantha Morton dropped out of the film.

The film began shooting last week in Louisiana, so this news is pretty set in stone. No word yet on who will be replacing Hendricks as the stripper Krissi, but it'll never be the same anyway.

Sorry, everyone.

[via Deadline]