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Christie Black is definitely regretting her decision to steal $5,000 from her boyfriend, especially considering where she chose to hide it—inside of her recturm. 

According to soon-to-be ex-boyfriend Bobby Gulley, he set a trap for her by putting the money and some drugs inside of a medicine bag and going to bed. When he woke, his stash was gone. When he found Black vomiting up "partially dissolved" pills, he inquired about his money. Hawkins County Sgt. Michael Allen says that she admitted to wrapping it up and shoving it into her rectum. 

Black claims that Gulley was about give her the boot, so she stole the money to aid her search for housing. The whole experience proved to be extremely painful for Black, who tried to remove the cash using a toilet brush and tongs. She inevitably injured herself and had to be transported to the Hawkins County Memorial Hospital emergency room due to severe bleeding. 

When doctors extracted the blood money, they turned it over to police. Black will be charged with theft when she's released from the hospital. She's definitley going to need a new place to live now.

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