Want to brew your own beer without the hassle of, well, brewing your own beer? There’s an app for that. Sort of.

Developed in Ireland by a group of developers and designers called Cargo, the Brewbot app and appliance essentially automate your home-based beer-making endeavors. The app works in conjunction with a piece of hardware, a brewing machine that can be used to make different kinds of beer using pre-loaded recipes and with recipes inputted from the Internet.

Here’s how it works, as per PSFK:

“The process is simple. The user buys the ingredients, sets up the recipe in the app, and connects the app to the machine. Once the app and the machine are connected, the user chooses the recipe and taps ‘Start Brew’ to begin the process. The app transmits instructions to the machine.”

Cargo is in the process of raising funds for Brewbot on Kickstarter, with plans to deliver the device to the US, UK, and Ireland.

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 [via PSFK]