Episode: "Pilot" (Season 1, Episode 1)

If teaching the periodic table to disinterested high schoolers is beneath a former chemistry rock star like Walter White, being forced off the A1A Car Wash cash register and onto his knees to wipe down whips at his second job is like licking dog shit out of the waffle sole of one of his students' Nikes. Before he collapses—while moving heavy barrels of chemicals for his boss Bogdan like some simpleminded grunt—the underachieving genius begrudgingly cleans cars. But after he learns he has terminal cancer and reflects on how little he's done with his life that a peon can push him around? Naaah, it's time to take this job and shove it, in Walter White's first act of rebellion on Breaking Bad

"Fuck you and your eyebrows!" is possibly the least intelligent thing to ever come out of Walter White's mouth, but the rage- and frustration-fueled snap is arguably the funniest, narrowly beating out the subsequent "Wipe this down!" while he grabs his bozack. Bogdan's thick black Romanian eyebrows are like plump ferrets napping on his face and you know Walt has wanted to slap them off for a long time. It's not like Bogdan lives in a time before the invention of electric razors or, you know, scissors, so they're one more affront to the great Walter White. So yeah, fuck them. Justin Monroe