Call it PFSD (Post "Felina" Stress Disorder). Now that we're about 15 hours removed from the Breaking Bad series finale, opinions are even more divided than they were once Talking Bad's final hour began last night. (Opinions about the existence of Talking Bad still boil down to: "C'mon, B.")

Moral dilemmas are prevalent among critics, with concerns splitting viewers into specific categories. Am I a bad person for feeling happy that Walter White went out as happily as humanly possible for a destructive drug kingpin? Does my inability to fawn over "Felina" mean I'm just another nitpicking contrarian who's unable to appreciate the final gifts bestowed upon us by series creator Vince Gilligan? Or, for all you Lavell Crawford Stans out there, why does Huell's well-being mean more to me than Skyler's, Flynn's, and Marie's combined?

Don't worry, conflicted Breaking Bad fans—we're here to help you through this. By consulting our Guide to How to Feel About the Breaking Bad Finale, you should be able to leave AMC's fictional Albuquerque, New Mexico, behind on amicable terms. Or seeking out the nearest psychiatrist. Either way, closure is imminent.

Note: All of the critics mentioned here wrote really thoughtful, smart pieces about the finale. We've just, um, simplified them. BUT you should read all the pieces in their entirety.

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