Ratings for the final episode ever of Breaking Bad may not be yet available, but here's one indicator that the finale was just as successful as everyone thought it would be: According to The WrapBreaking Bad's series finale, "Felina," generated massive response on Facebook, with over 5.5 million interactions from over 3 million users during last night's airing alone.

Prior to "Felina's" airing, the second half of season five—which premiered in mid-August—was already generating huge numbers on Facebook, so this isn't too much of a surprise. Not including last night's series finale, the final episodes had been pulling in a whopping 23 million interactions from 11 million Facebook users, which is huge. Also interesting, the show actually receives the most mentions in New Mexico, where it was set and filmed.

Since the final episodes began airing last month, anticipation for the series finale propelled the show's live ratings to just about double compared to this time last year. For some context: The season five mid-season finale, which aired in September 2012 pulled in about 2.78 million viewers total during its first airing—then, the season five mid-season premiere last month managed to hit 5.92 million viewers. 

[via The Wrap]

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