Breaking Bad won't end for another three weeks, but Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is already rolling out the post-series finale goodies. The first item on the list: The complete series special edition Blu-ray set, all packaged inside a pint-sized money barrel that's similar to what we've seen so many times on the show.

According to Slashfilm, the Blu-ray exclusive set will include (of course) all 62 episodes of the series, 55 hours of special features, an exclusive two-hour documentary about the series, a 16-page booklet with a special letter from creator Vince Gilligan, a commemorative challenge coin that was designed by Gilligan, and, best of all, a Los Pollos Hermanos apron for all your blue meth-cooking needs. Preorder it here.

While the money barrel is a nice touch and totally creative, we couldn't help but think that there were a ton of other Breaking Bad items that would've made sense to house the Blu-ray set. So, in the interest of showing the world what could have been, here are a few of the other places they could've stored the Blu-rays.

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