Vulture deserves major props for this one, because it's kind of genius. In honor of Breaking Bad's upcoming series finale (*tears*), Vulture contributor Jon Defreest put together these mock ups of the series as Choose Your Own Adventure books, focusing on three different major plotlines: Walt's transformation to drug kingpin, Walt and Jesse's imprisonment at Tuco's desert home, and Jesse's imprisonment in a pit by Todd and his Uncle Jack. 

As Vulture explains, the inspiration was simple:

As Breaking Bad comes to an end, Walt is finally seeing how bad his choices have been. It's easy to judge him, but if you were facing a death sentence, needed to make money for your family, and had a talent for science, what would you have done differently? It's a compelling question, one that AMC should capitalize on with its own line of classic Choose Your Own Adventure books.

It's basically the best idea ever, and these cover mock ups are perfectly constructed. If, for some reason, you are not familiar with the Choose Your Own Adventure series (if not, did you even have a childhood?), the simple explanation is that they were basically book where you could decide what actions you wanted the main character to take, then flip to the correct page and read on to see where your decision takes you. Perfect for Breaking Bad, and perfect for life.

You can see Vulture's cover mock ups above, or just head on over to the site to check them out.

[via Vulture]