Only about three weeks after Yahoo introduced their updated logo, another Google rival is getting a redesign: Microsoft is rolling out a new a new logo for their new search engine, along with a new modern interface. 

The logo, which you can check out above, ditches the old color of the original logo and uses the orange found in Microsoft's main logo. The letters of the wordmark are now lower-cased (as opposed to all caps in Microsoft's Xbox logo), and the lower-cased "b" of the logo is stylized and looks as if it's a variation of the Windows logo. All-in-all, it looks minimalistic: the changes do make it seem a little bit more edgy and streamlined, and is a better fit for the brand than Yahoo's new logo is for them. “We didn’t set out to just provide data via blue links on the web. We set out to provide clarity, decisions and insights. Bing is no longer just a search engine on a web page. It’s a brand that combines search technology across products you use every day to help empower you with insights,” Microsoft posted on its blog. So, bravo, Microsoft. But this isn't where the redesign ends. 

Microsoft is also updating the interface, with new features called Pole Position and Page Zero. Pole Position takes two former features and combines them: now, when you search for something, a search window will display data about the term, and also relevant tweets and status updates about the subject. With Page Zero, a window will pop up with links to news, images, videos and more about the search term. 

Want to check out the new Bing? Click here for a preview.

[via The Verge]