Director: Frederick Wiseman

Titicut Follies was subjected to a worldwide ban until 1992, after the Massachusetts State Municipal Court ruled that it invaded inmate privacy. Considering the nature of what was shown in the film, privacy should've been the last of the patients' worries.

Filmmaker Frederick Wiseman reveals the mistreatment of patients at Bridgewater State Hospital, located in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. The black-and-white doc shows catatonic inmates being bullied by staff members and forced to sleep in dark cells without being washed.

One hard-to-watch scene involves guards shaving one crazy man's face while repeatedly questioning the cleanliness of his room; the inquiries drive him berserk, causing him to run down a hallway naked, his mouth bleeding profusely. Another patient is force-fed food through a tube in his nose, scenes of which are intercut with the preparation of his soon-to-be dead body.

Life as a mentally handicapped person shouldn't be so rough. —MB