Director: Seth Gordon

It's the ultimate contest of good against evil—the noble hero taking on the unlikable, cold-hearted villain. And yes, it just so happens to revolve around middle-aged men playing video games.

Immensely entertaining, The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters turns Donkey Kong into a sport that's as intense as anything seen on ESPN's SportsCenter. The goal: to achieve the highest Kong score ever, a claim that humorless mullet-head Billy Mitchell's been able to make for over 20 years. That is, until nice-guy familyman Steve Wiebe gets really damn good at the game while constantly playing it in his suburban garage. Before long, Mitchell catches wind of Wiebe's skills, and the the vibe becomes Larry Bird versus Magic Johnson, but much less cordial.

Arrogant and clouded by delusions of grandeur and entitlement, Billy Mitchell is a classic movie antagonist—he's King Koopa with a terrible hairdo. Which, indeed, makes Wiebe the film's Mario. earning points, not coins, and fighting the honor of well-intentioned nerds everywhere, not the Princess. —MB