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Still reeling from the inevitable but still unfortunate cancellation of ABC's delightfully madcap sitcom Happy Endings? Here's a consolation prize: Casey WilsonSNL alum and perenially single gal Penny on Endings—co-stars with June Diane Raphael in Ass Backwards, and if the trailer is any indication, we may be in for the funniest raunchy comedy from the fairer sex since Bridesmaids.

The film, which premiered at Sundance, centers on Raphael and Wilson as two ditzy best friends still haunted by a crushing beauty pagaent they lost as kids, and their mission to claim the win once and for all after they're invited to the pageant's 50th anniversary. Of course, en route the typical hijinks ensue—what road trip film is complete without a visit to the slammer? Alicia Silverstone co-stars as their childhood nemesis.The movie will be released first on demand on September 30 and later in theaters on November 8.

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