Anthony Weiner's fall continues, getting progressively worse as he somehow manages to hit every branch during his descent. Just days after he was filmed atop a float at the West Indian Day Parade, unknowingly rocking to the homophobic lyrical stylings of dancehall artist Capleton, the cameras caught Weiner in a bad spot once again. This time, he engages in a heated argument with a voter in Brooklyn's Borough Park section after the man confronted him about his "disgusting" behavior.

"And you're a perfect person? And you're my judge?" a visibly rattled Weiner repeatedly asks his latest critic. 

"And you're a perfect person? What rabbi taught you that? What rabbi taught you that you're my judge?

There's a valuable lesson about reacting to be learned here. Though Weiner had the right to defend himself, it would've been wise to refrain from doing so, unless he handled it with grace. He did not. Instead, he created yet another spectacle which won't do his approval rating any good. Moments like this don't win elections, especially when your popularity is tanking for other reasons that you're directly responsible for. 

"I don't back down," Weiner says towards the end of the video. That's admirable, but knowing when to walk away or, better yet, not even acknowledge the darts people throw is a much better look in situations like this. Sometimes, its beneficial to simply ignore the bullshit. 

Weiner is in a difficult position, but he had to know obstacles like these (ones that he created, to be honest) were coming. Unfortunately, he's human. The endless stream of ridicule and pressure got to him. Pressure busts pipes. Sidney Leathers can attest to that.

The representation of "rock bottom" varies from person to person. This is what the bottom looks like for Anthony Weiner. May his campaign forge on.

UPDATE: Weiner's campaign has released a longer video of the encounter which shows the man calling Weiner a "scumbag," and adding "You're married to an Arab," a reference to Weiner's wife Huma Abedin. This definitely changes the scope of the argument, as disrespecting someone's spouse almost always leads to conflict, conflict that can turn violent.

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