Amazon is gearing up its next Kindle Fire HD to go toe-to-toe with the other mini tablets on the market, and this leaked photo could be the first look at their updated 7-inch tablet. 

The photo, obtained by BGR, shows a plain looking black device with seemingly little details on it except for its forward facing camera. But with a closer look, if this is the new Kindle Fire, the speakers on the device have been moved to the top, and the power and volume buttons have been placed at the back of the body instead of the sides. The body itself also has a new angular design which departs from the smooth curves of the last Kindle Fire HD. Though the picture is reportedly of the 7-inch edition, the larger 8.9-inch version of the tablet is said to have a similar design. The new Kindle Fire HD is expected to hit stores come the end of the month, a few weeks before the larger version hits. In terms of its specs, the new Kindle fire is expected to be very powerful, and will come with high-resolution screens and 2GB of RAM. 

[via The Verge]