A shocking development in the ongoing Amanda Bynes saga: According to TMZ, a judge has granted Bynes' new doctors at UCLA Medical Center the ability to extend her psychiatic hold for up to a year, if that proves necessary. 

Recent reports about Bynes have stated that she's beginning to respond to a cocktail of medication used to treat schizophrenia, but a judge still determined that the actress is "gravely disabled" and would likely not take the medications if she were to be released any time soon. Temporary conservatorship has also been granted to Amanda's mother, Lynn, which allows her the power to control Bynes' bank account and make executive desicions about her daughter's well-being. One of the first decisions Lynn made with the conservatorship was having Bynes transferred from Hillmont Psychiatric Center to UCLA Medical Center earlier this month.

Control of the newly extended hold has reportedly been tranferred to Amanda's mother. According to a source close to the situation speaking to TMZ, it's very unlikely that the hold will actually last a year, but it seems like doctors wanted to be safe by requesting the longterm hold. What will probably end up happening instead is that Bynes will be held at the UCLA Medical Center for about 60 days before she's transferred to her mother's home.

Meanwhile, Us Weekly is reporting that the random tweet reading "I love drake" that was posted on Bynes' Twitter account this past weekend was not posted by the actress, and that her account was actually hacked. In a statement, Amanda's parents' attorney Tamar Arminak said, "Her twitter account was hacked. She has not had access to a computer since being at Hillmont, and has not made any calls other than her parents since her admittance at Hillmont."

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