It looks like Amanda Bynes may be under psychiatric hold at the UCLA Medical Center for longer than we all thought. According to TMZ, it's possible that Bynes' treatment for issues with schizophrenia could extend another year and a half—in other words, until 2015.

The development reportedly came to light when Bynes' lawyer made an appearance in an NYC court yesterday, requesting that the case involving Bynes allegedly throwing a bong out of her high-rise apartment window be postponed "for up to 18 months" while Bynes received psychiatric treatment in Los Angeles. This pretty much means that Bynes could be held at UCLA Medical Center for those 18 months if her doctors think she needs to be—and it seems like they may, because earlier this month, it was reported that her psychiatric hold could be extended for up to a year because doctors didn't believe Bynes would stay on her medication if she was released. 

Making this even more likely: Bynes' mother has also dropped her bid for permanent conservatorship over her daughter because she has power of an LPS hold over Bynes, which basically means that Bynes' doctors have more control than Bynes' mother would have with a conservatorship, but Bynes' mother is still able to make financial and medical decisions about her daughter. A source close to the situation also revealed, sadly, that there seems to be no "real improvement" in Bynes' condition.

TMZ is also saying that it's beginning to seem likely that Bynes' legal troubles in New York will be thrown out, because "there are major weaknesses in the prosecution's case."

[via TMZ]

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