Alfonso Cuaron's latest film, Gravity, is receiving rave reviews across the board, with most praise focusing on the movie's stunning use of 3D technology to make the outer space setting feel fully immersive. But nine out of ten 3D movies don't use the technology to its full crowd-pleasing extent, nor do they even aspire to, which is why Cuaron can call the current state of the visual format "crap," even as he's releasing a movie filmed in it.

Speaking at a press conference at the Zurich Film Festival he said: "The problem now is that they make all these films that are not designed for 3D and then convert them as a commercially afterthought—and they are crap. They don’t follow the rules of 3D of what does and doesn’t work. There are a handful of films that have used 3D in a proper way so it can be an amazing tool.

He went on to say that Gravity, unlike its 3D peers, is worth the ticket price, explaining that the film was designed to be seen as such, and the 2D is only "30% of the experience."

Gravity hits theaters October 4.

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[via ScreenDaily]