Veteran TV actor Jack Klugman passed away last December, leaving behind a legacy that includes three Emmys for his work on classic shows like The Odd Couple and The Defenders. Apparently that's not enough to warrant an inclusion in the "special in memoriam," an expanded tribute segment airing during the broadcast tonight that will focus on the likes of Cory Monteith and James Gandolfini, and his son Adam is calling them out for what he perceives as a snub.

"They're celebrating this self-inflicted tragedy instead of celebrating the life of my father, who won three Emmys.... Cory Monteith never won an Emmy." Ouch. In a reply statement, Emmy executive producer Ken Ehlich defended the choice: "Every generation of television viewers has its favorites, and when we decided to expand the 'In Memoriam' segment to remember certain individuals, we wanted these pieces to be representative as well. To a younger generation, Cory Monteith's portrayal of Finn Hudson was highly admired, and the producers felt that he should be included along with the four other individuals we have singled out."

For what it's worth, Klugman is included in the general, group tribute.

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