Don't worry, it's not required that your broke ass actually buy something for this to be an effective female meeting spot. You just have to go to a place where the customers are passionate about the product, then ask for a female opinion on a potential purchase. If you walk into a Target and ask a female customer for her thoughts on your shopping cart's contents, she'll think you're crazy. "Should I get this shitty lamp that's going to break in two weeks or this shitty lamp that's going to break in two week?" No one's buying that. Say you're in a high-end clothing store, and you just aren't sure about whether to go with the merlot or charcoal cardigan. A fashionable lady might be flattered if you ask for her opinion. This approach can work in any type of store from Williams-Sonoma to Home Depot, provided you ask the right lady for advice, and you're willing to listen.