When a blockbuster video game is released, it's often done to much fanfare and pizzaz. People line up for hours and at times days, waiting for the strike of midnight to get their hands on $60 game that they will come up with any reason to stay in the crib to play through feverishly. Depending on the title, celebrities sometimes make their way out to cop their favorites like Justin Bieber did with Halo Reach in 2010 or Christina Aguilera with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in 2011. 

But even without the celebrity element, huge video game releases bring out crowds by the hundreds and with that, an ecclectic mix of personalities ranging from entertaining to downright insane. People in costumes of their favorite characters queue up along with grouches and know-it-alls for a common goal and that's chance to score a copy as soon as the clock strikes twelve. 

Tonight, fans of the notorious Grand Theft Auto series will be out in full force waiting in line to get their hands on the latest release Grand Theft Auto V which promises to be another revolution the open world genre. Judging by what we've saw so far, it very well is but we're still anxious to find out how it will be received by its hardcore fans and those new to the game. 

If you happen to be one of those fans battling the elements for a copy of Grand Theft Auto V, this piece is for you. Veterans will be able to identify with these 10 Types of People You Meet at a Midnight Video Game Release but if you're new to the launch environment, brace yourselves and be sure to make space on your mobile phone for the hilarity that's waiting.  

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