In this culture of microwave dinners and drone strikes, we're all about making things easier. So, why should you turn down a blessing from the gods of blow-off classes? Again, you have to ask yourself what you're doing in school. If your goal in college is to learn, being the smartest guy in the room isn't always going to get you there. If you find yourself dominating class discussions and breezing through the required reading, ask yourself why you took the class in the first place. If the purpose was to give yourself a breather in an otherwise tough semester, then by all means, continue your reign as the all-star of the remedial English class. If you're supposed to be getting something out of this class, if the knowledge you gain is going to matter in future coursework or in your career, then it might not be a bad idea to court a more rigorous professor and more challenging peers. A little sweat equity now might set you up for success down the road, and by the same token, taking the easy way out now might force you to tread water in your advanced courses.